GlassJar - Saviours of PR

  1. Achtung baby!  Here are the rules:
  2. No shit surveys.  When you've got a newsworthy story you don't need sham polls to get column inches.
  3. No spurious celebrity endorsements.  Think people can't see through a photo of a z-lister in your branded T-shirt?
  4. No pointless stunts.  Because floating something down The Thames these days doesn't create a stir, it causes a stink.
  5. No hashtags masquerading as ‘social’.  If you didn't think social from the start, then chucking in a random hashtag isn't going to make much of a difference at the end.
  6. No inane branded content.  Because when you're talking loud but saying nothing, sooner or later people stop listening.

The Work


At the heart of Glass Jar is a spirit which says do things properly or don't bother. A spirit that demands - and deifies - creativity and originality. And a spirit that would rather walk away from a piece of work than compromise on the integrity that great PR work needs.

And we know what great PR in 2013 needs because we learned our craft at some of the UK's leading agencies, working across creative, planning and digital roles on campaigns for the likes of Vodafone,

Coca-Cola, Oxfam, The Football Association, EA SPORTS, Heinz and eBay.

We also know that the best PR work leaves a legacy, remembered long after the surveys, stunts and celebrity endorsements are forgotten.

Our spirit means we won't compromise - and we don't think you should either.

PR is dead. Long live PR.